Heavy Duty Date Stamp
8 Glen Watford Dr. Unit 23, Toronto, ON Canada M1S 2C1
D & D Graphics Inc.
A Toronto Pre-inked Stamp Making Company
(Gold/ Black, Silver / Black, Red / White)
Back Pin
Gold / Black Laser engraved Name Badge, 3X1 inch
FULL COLOUR (3x1 inch)
FULL COLOUR (3x1.5 inch)
FULL COLOUR OVAL(3x1.5 inch)
Silver (only)/ Black Laser engraved Name Badge, 3X1.5 inch
Name Badge-Gloss 1.25"x3"
Back choose from pin or magnet

Full colour sublimation print, image last much longer
No min quanity requested
2.125 X 3.375 inch
Photo ID Card (with lanyard)
Name Badge-Gloss 1"x3"
Back choose from pin or magnet
Oval Name Badge-Gloss 1.5"x3"
Back choose from pin or magnet

Sample of the job
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